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Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice
Movie Worksheet

Frozen Planet is a BBC Earth documentary series chronicling the ecosystems of the Arctic and Antarctica. This is the final episode in the series, and it focuses on the impacts that climate change is having on both poles. David Attenborough travels with scientists who traniquilize a polar bear to study its health and attach a tracking collar. He then moves to Antarctica, where significant changes in pengin colonies are occuring.

Essential concepts: Global warming, global climate change, hurricanes, el nino, la nina, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, methane, greenhouse effect, weather, climate, atmosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, IPCC, proxies, average temperature, Hurricane Katrina, great ocean conveyor, glaciers, ice caps, sea ice, water cycle, hydrologic cycle

Answer Key: Included as part of the environmental science instructor resources subscription page.

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