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Environmental Science Current Events Article Search

Finding environmental science current events can be a difficult task. A great deal of the articles and websites that arrive through a simple search are overly simplistic, biased, or simply do not contain any in-depth information. The number of current event sources that is appropriate for the high school or college student is actually very limited in number, and these can be drowned out amongst all the other current event sites on the internet. A rubric for this assignment is available as well.

This is a custom search engine to help students find recent, relevant, and engaging environmental science current events articles. This search is limited to only a select few websites that are considered to have a solid reputation in

Type in any search term in the box below for a listing of recent articles from National Geographic, BBC News, the New York Times, Discover Magazine, and other great sources of environmental science current events.

Environmental Science Current Events - Topics and Search Terms

Amazon Deforestation | Coral Reef Bleaching | Desertification | Endangered Species

Food and Agriculture
Food Recalls | Food Poisoning | Factory Farming | Organic Foods | Bovine Growth Hormone | Animal Welfare | Genetically Modified Organisms

Global Warming and Climate Change
Ocean Acidification | Sea Level Rising | Melting Ice Caps | Droughts | Severe Flooding

Human Health and Environmental Hazards
Antibiotic Resistance | Hormone Disruptors | Carcinogens | Teratogens | Heavy Metals | Obesity Rates

Air Pollution
Air Quality | Smog | Emissions Standards | Acid Rain | Particulates

Water Pollution
Biomagnification | Groundwater Contamination | Oil Spills | Impaired Waters | Hydraulic Fracturing

Nonrenewable Energy
Strip Mining | Underground Mining | Clean Coal | Deep Sea Drilling | Fracking | Nuclear Reactors | Energy Efficiency | Hybrid Cars | Electric Cars

Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic Cells | Biofuel | Wind Farms | Fuel Cells

Websites Included In The Environmental Science Current Events Search

This is only a small sampling of some of the resources available. Please contact me to suggest any additional websites to include in this environmental science current events article search.

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