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Anatomy For Beginners - Circulation

This episode of the Anatomy for Beginner series, hosted by Dr. Gunther von Hagans, gives students a great overview of both the circulatory and respiratory system. The episode begins with a dissection of the thoracic cavity of a cadaver, culminating with a live inflation of the lungs. The heart is then removed and cut in half to show the different chambers and venous cross. Polymer is injected into the abdominal aorta to show the flow of blood into the digestive organs.

Essential concepts: Thoracic cavity, lungs, trachea, larynx, bronchi, diaphragm, pleura, heart, pericardium, arteries, veins, atria, ventricles, aorta.

Answer Key: Available as part of the Anatomy For Beginners answer key set.

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