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Food, Inc. Student Worksheet

This 2009 documentary by Eric Schlosser covers many of the unseen consequences of the industrialized agriculture system. The first segment explores the underside of factory farms and meat processing plants. Poultry farmers working for Tyson and Perdue are interviewed, although little access is granted to the actual operations. The second segment looks at the effects of a diet heavy in processed foods on human health. The story of a woman whose 2 year-old son died from E. coli food poisoning is given, along with her efforts to lobby for improved food regulations. The epidemic of diabetes in the United States is related to the proliferation of cheap, unhealthy foods. Finally, a discussion of the future of foods and the growth of the organic industry is given.

This worksheet contains critical thinking questions for students to consider and answer as they watch each segment of the documentary.

Essential concepts: Agriculture, factory farming, industrialized agriculture, nutrition, human health, malnutrition, food poisoning, subtheraputic antibiotics, animal welfare.

Answer Key: Included as part of the environmental science instructor resources subscription page.

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