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All of my basic curriculum materials for environmental science, biology, anatomy, and chemistry can be downloaded for free. This page is for teachers and instructors interested in purchasing additional materials to support their classroom work. Proceeds from all sales help me to defray the costs and time in maintaining the site and adding to the curricula.

Environmental Science

Full Subscription - This provides you access to the complete environmental science test bank (18 units, including answer keys), my full set of unit plans, and any answer keys to the movie worksheets and other activities I have available. Any future content added will be immediately available to you. Subscriptions are permanent; you will have access as long as the site is active.

Test Bank - Includes multiple choice, short answer, and answer keys for each of the 18 environmental science units.

Unit Plans - A list of vocabulary terms, objectives, and the sequence of lessons I follow with an approximate time needed for each.

Answer Keys - There are several options:

  • Complete Set - All non-test answer keys, including study guides and movies.
  • Study Guides - Access to the answer keys the study guide for all 16 environmental science units.
  • All Movies - All available answer keys for the environmental-themed movie worksheets, including Planet Earth and Blue Planet.
  • Planet Earth - Access to the worksheet answer keys for all 10 episodes of Planet Earth.
  • Blue Planet - Access to the worksheet answer keys for all 7 episodes of Blue Planet.


Use the Paypal checkout button below to make a purchase. Instructions on accessing the tests will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. Please be sure to include where your current teaching position is, so I can verify your status as an instructor and keep the answer keys and tests out of students' hands.

Previously purchased a subscription and want to upgrade? Email me.

Do you want to sample a specific single unit test or worksheet answer key? Email me.

Subscription Options

Updates and Support

Any questions about the tests or answer keys can be addressed to As the testbank is hosted on my Onedrive folder, any updates that I ever need to make, such as adding questions or addressing any errors, will be instantly available to you.

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